20 Jan 2024
Conwy placements the highest costing in Wales.

19 local looked after children placed out of the area by Conwy County Borough Council - costing an average of £7269.04 per child each week, the highest anywhere in Wales.

Conwy County Lib Dems are calling for urgent improvements to local services for children looked after by the council. A Freedom of Information request from the Welsh Lib Dems has revealed that 19 local looked after 16 and 17 year olds were placed out of our area late last year. This can have a very harmful effect on children - removing them from friends, family, their schools and their lives. It also cost the council, on average, £7269.04 a week per child to house them out of the area, the highest anywhere in Wales.

Local Lib Dem town councilor Leena Sarah Farhat said;

“Conwy County Borough Council has a duty to find accommodation in the local area for all children in its care. Being moved miles away from everything they have ever known can have a very damaging effect on children.”

“We need to provide the local support and stability to allow our young people to thrive - not displace them miles from home. Our local council is failing young people in Conwy. We are calling for a full review to improve our care placements - including a drive to increase the number of local Foster Carers.”